Xolo Sarapes

Artisan Oaxaca Collar 232 - Small

Austin based company, ​Xolo Sarapes, sources their beautiful dog collars from Santo Tomas Jaileza. They preserve the tradition of the use of the waist loom, a prehispanic system for weaving, which consists of a leather strap and rope that is placed on the lower back and waist of the craftsman.

To their cotton fabrics they add natural dyes such as indigo, huizache, pomegranate, aloe and melissa plant to give life to the pieces that are meticulously woven and that gradually shape colourful symbols, friezes, dancers, deer, cacaloxúchitl flowers, pineapple flower, owls, dogs and an infinite number of other forms, many of which have meanings that date back to pre-Hispanic times.

Measure the area on your dog's neck where a collar will comfortably fit. The size range indicates the tightest setting to the loosest setting for each collar. 


Length: 10.5 - 13.0 inches

Width: 0.75 inches


For light washing, spot clean or rinse in cold water and dry out of the sun. For a more thorough cleaning, hand wash using a gentle soap and cold water. Air dry out of the sun. Saddle soap can be used on the leather. Every collar has slight variations in size, appearance, and color due to their handmade nature. 

About the Vendor - Xolo Sarapes
Xolo Sarapes was founded by Eric and Melina in Austin, Texas.

Xolo Sarapes presents a unique and interesting array of art pieces full of tradition, culture, love and emotion. Each piece is handwoven in Eric & Melina's native communities of Mexico. They continue to empower the talented Artisans by providing them the opportunity to share their amazing talents beyond borders.

Eric and Melina's mission is to make a difference. It is their passion to help save homeless, abused and neglected animals in the Austin community and beyond. A portion of all of their proceeds is donated to Dejando Huella Atx - a nonprofit that the couple founded. Dejando Huella Atx helps supply local shelters and low-income families with dog food, dog houses, and assists with paying vet bills.

Every time you purchase a Xolo Sarapes product, you are not only getting a beautiful piece of authentic Mexican art, but you are also changing lives.

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