Springer Pets

Fanny Pack + Leash Walk Set


Designed for pup parents that are always on-the-go! This Sling Bag + Leash gives you the freedom of hands-free walks and everyday activities with your pup. Made to hold your essentials: phone, cards, and keys. And your dog's things too! Includes a built-in a poop bag dispenser and a mesh pocket for easy treating. Simply attach the included 4ft leash to your dog's collar— allowing your dog to roam freely by your side. Finished with your walk? Unclip the leash from the bag and go about your day with all your essentials close by.


- Holds all your essentials: phone, keys, cards Built-in poop bag dispenser & treat pocket

- Includes 4ft leash (same color as Sling Bag)

- Roaming attachment for no leash tangles

- Bag can be used with or without leash for on-the-go activities


Bag: neoprene & mesh

Leash: durable, waterproof, and odor-resistant PolyFlex material

About the Vendor

Springer is a women-owned business in Austin, Texas. This innovative company is led by a dynamic mother-daughter duo (and the dogs who love them).  Springer was built on the legacy of a family business and is backed by 35 plus years of innovation in product design. 

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