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Over the Collar Bandana - Your pets collar easily slides through the bandana - no tying around the neck or measuring your pets neck


XS (extra small) - toy size dogs, Chihuahua, Mini Poodle, and cats (measures 4.75" wide x 4" long)

Small - small dogs - shih tzu, poodle, maltese, etc. (measures 5.5" wide x 4.25" long)

Medium - medium dogs, cocker spaniel, beagle, etc (measures 5" wide x 5.5" long)

Large - Cattle breeds, Pit Bull, Border Collie, Australian Shepherd (measures 8" wide x 7" long)

Extra Large -Great Danes, Rottweiler, English Mastiff, Lab, Standard poodle, Golden retriever, Labradoodle, Goldendoodle, etc (measures 9" wide x 9.5" long)

Machine washable on cold. Hang dry ONLY. Do not iron on faux leather tag, only iron cotton fabric.
Sale price$10.00
Grizzly Bear Flannel over the collar dog bandana
Grizzly Bear Flannel Bandana Sale price$10.00