Erica's Healthy Pet

Natural Skin Soothing Spray


Great for dogs with large surface area itching. Shake well and spray on itchy areas. If your dog is VERY itchy, refrigerate the entire bottle and spray on cold to numb the itchy area and give the spray time to work. The ingredients in the spray will moisturize the skin, balance the PH of the skin and soothe the itchy spot.

Perfectly safe if your dog licks the sprayed area. 

Ingredients:  distilled water, apple cider vinegar, organic green tea, organic peppermint tea, aloe vera liquid, lavender & chamomile essential oils.

This product comes in a 16 oz trigger spray plastic bottle.

As always, the product is chemical-free, safe, and non-toxic to your pet and your family!


About the Vendor

Erica began Erica's Healthy Pet years ago after losing her mother. Erica took over the care of her mom's two dogs, who were grieving her loss greatly. One look at the ingredients in their food, treats, and pet products, and she knew she had to make some changes in the dog's lives. After immense research, she changed the dog's diet, started making their treats, and stopped dousing them with chemical-filled shampoos, flea meds, etc. The difference was AMAZING. Her sad, grieving, lazy, and a touch overweight dogs responded immediately. Their energy level increased, they lost some excess weight and they were more happy and peppy than she had ever seen them. After seeing the incredible difference small changes made for her dogs, she knew her new mission was to help others do the same for their fur babies. Erica's Healthy Pet is Texas pet parents spreading the word that healthy, simple treats and products are accessible, affordable, and incredibly beneficial. They love helping your fur babies live happier and healthier lives.

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