Collar Me Crazee

Piney Woods Tweed Small Collar


Fun tweed collar. Red, green, and yellow accents on an off white background on  red nylon webbing. 

Collar Measurements

Length: 11.0 - 15.5 inches

Width: 5/8 inches

About the Vendor

'Collar me Crazee' was started by Janet Meredith, a dog crazy mom in Austin, Texas who loved styling up all of her pups!

Janet spent many years working in the home furnishings textile business and always had a love for textiles. From her travels and shopping in many cities, she accumulated a lot of interesting trims and fabrics which inspired her to create 'Collar Me Crazee.'

All of the items are designed and handmade by Janet. The utmost care and love is taken in the construction of each special piece. 

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