Ziggy Marley Apawthecary

Romeo's Agility Chews with CBD


Supplement prolonged agility, combat inflammation, & support the overall mental & physical wellness of your dog with 30-35 handcrafted and delicious peanut butter supplement chews.

Inspired by his desire to improve the health of his own dog, Romeo, Ziggy Marley partnered with an Austin-based company, One Farm, to create these nourishing supplement chews.  

Fortified w/ organic Turmeric, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, Shiitake, and CBD

175mg of USDA Organic CBD per Jar  ~5.5mg of CBD per 2.5g chew

*Organic Ingredient

Turmeric - 250mg

Turkey Tail - 25mg

Cordyceps - 25mg

Shiitake - 25mg

For how much to give your pet refer to the suggested guideline below. Please note that the treats are made by hand so there will be a variance in the weight of each chew.

SMALL - Up to 20lbs - 1.25 - 2.5g

MEDIUM - 20-65lbs - 2.5g - 5g

LARGE - 65lbs or larger - 2.5g - 7.5g

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