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Now, you have the opportunity to add a personal touch to your pet's WraPUP with a custom embroidery!

Whether it's your dog's name or a cute nickname, our skilled artist in Austin will carefully craft it onto the WraPUP with love and precision.

Experience the ultimate solution for drying off your fur babe after baths or water adventures with the DOGSHT WraPUP dog robes. Proudly made in Texas, these robes keep your furry companion comfortable and mess-free.

After a refreshing bath, dogs can't help but indulge in their favorite post-bath activity: the infamous zoomies! But we all know what happens next—muddy paws on the floor, wet fur on the couch, and a distinct wet dog odor lingering around. It's time to bid farewell to that wet dog chaos!

Designed with both practicality and cuteness in mind, the DOGSHT WraPUPs are a must-have for every dog owner. 


Keeps Dogs Warm and Dry: Our robes are crafted from plush, ultra-absorbent fabric that wraps your dog in cozy comfort. They provide an extra layer of warmth while effectively absorbing moisture, helping your pup dry off faster.  This can be particularly useful for dogs with short fur or hairless dogs, and is especially useful when bathing your dog in colder weather. 

Reduces Mess in the Car and Home: Acting as a reliable barrier, these robes effectively contain wet fur, preventing direct contact with upholstery or bedding, even if your dog decides to roll around.  Whether you're loading up in the car after a swim or looking to maintain a tidy home, WraPUPs have got you covered. Enjoy freedom from flying hair in the car and damp couches at home. 

Cut Down on Towels: One WraPUP Does It All: Say goodbye to multiple towels; our WraPUP is super absorbent and eliminates the need for a bunch of dirty towels. Wash, dry, and reuse your WraPUP over and over again without worry, just like you do with your human towels, they only get better with use!

Insanely Cute and Adorable: Aside from their practical benefits, our Dog Robes are undeniably cute and will make your heart melt. Seeing your dog strut around in these adorable robes is an instant mood lifter. Prepare for some serious "awws" and countless photo opps!

Made in Texas: We love supporting our local economy.  All of our fabric, trim, and labels were supplied by American vendors. Each WraPUP is meticulously handcrafted in small batches by sewers right here in Texas. By choosing DOGSHT WraPUP, you are not only providing your dog with a top-notch post-bath drying solution but also actively supporting local. 

Choose cleanliness, convenience, and cuteness for your pup. The DOGSHT WraPUPs are available in a range of sizes to fit dogs of different shapes and breeds.


Sale price$98.00
DOGSHT WraPUP with Custom Embroidery
DOGSHT WraPUP with Custom Embroidery Sale price$98.00