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Your dog's artistic journey isn't complete without the "Frida Paw-lo" Red Dog Leash, the perfect companion to our Frida Kahlo dog collar. Now you can take your four-legged friend on artistic adventures that'll turn heads and capture hearts wherever you go.

Leash Measurements

Width: 1 inch 

Length: 56 inches

Product Features:

🎨 Artistic Harmony: This leash perfectly complements our Frida Kahlo dog collar, featuring the same vibrant red color and iconic images of the beloved Mexican artist. It's a visual masterpiece in your hand.

🐾 Durable and Reliable: Crafted from premium materials, the "Frida Paw-lo" leash offers unmatched durability and strength. Whether you're out for a casual stroll or an energetic run, this leash can handle it all.

💫 Perfect Length: With a convenient length of 56 inches, this leash strikes the right balance between control and freedom for your pup, allowing them to explore comfortably while staying close.

👌 Stylish Accessory: Pairing this leash with the "Frida Paw-lo" dog collar transforms your dog into a walking work of art. Together, they create an ensemble that showcases your love for Frida Kahlo's iconic style.

About the Vendor - Collar Me Crazee

'Collar Me Crazee' was started by Janet Meredith, a dog crazy mom in Austin, Texas who loved styling up all of her pups!

Janet spent many years working in the home furnishings textile business and always had a love for textiles. From her travels and shopping in many cities, she accumulated a lot of interesting trims and fabrics, which inspired her to create 'Collar Me Crazee.'

All of the items are designed and handmade by Janet. The utmost care and love are taken in the construction of each special piece. 

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